PharmacyFocus specializes in providing item management and communication solutions to pharmaceutical wholesalers. With more than 15 years of experience supporting pharmaceutical wholesalers, the PharmacyFocus team’s domain expertise and industry relationships can be leveraged to find or build a solution within an already existing system, or create a unique platform customized to the wholesaler’s specific requirements.

Our unique, custom platforms incorporate item management, pharmacy communications and content management, as well as dedicated online/offline wholesaler, manufacturer and pharmacy support.

Custom Item Management
  • Eliminates the use of paper
  • Significantly decreases margin for error
  • Improves time and workload efficiencies
  • Creates transparency for both, manufacturer and wholesaler
  • Supports robust tradeshow and catalog integration

A secure, single sign-on and comprehensive online workflow, including item set up between manufacturer/broker and the wholesaler procurement team.

Use Case #1: Two of Top Three U.S. Wholesaler’s Need for Item Management Portal:

Background: Requirement for a transparent, easy workflow system for OTC item management. The system needed to benefit/support the wholesaler, manufacturer, and pharmacy as a whole. The portal built allowed item set up by the manufacturer, approval and management by the wholesaler, and accessibility to the active item for the pharmacy.

Success Rate: There are a total of 72,567 items created by manufacturers/brokers on the site. The item management portal is utilized by 696 manufacturers, and 53 brokers. For over 11 years the portal has been used as a catalog tool for items included in tradeshows. This gives 34,984 nationwide pharmacies visibility into the tradeshow catalogs.

Key Features
  • Item creation and information upload
  • Complete workflow for item set up and maintenance
  • Tradeshow and catalog integration provide pharmacy customers easy access to item information and promotions
Pharmacy Communications and Portal Content:
  • Utilize a secure communications and content portal built for the entire pharmaceutical industry, customized to wholesaler requirements
  • Target content by type of pharmacy, location of pharmacy, program participation or custom list of specific pharmacies
  • Integrate content with other online wholesaler tools to drive pharmacy traffic
Use Case #2: Two of Top Three U.S. Wholesalers Need for Communication Platform:

Background: Wholesalers had a need for communication platform to nationwide pharmacies. The platform needed to include access to message creation from manufacturers, wholesalers, and wholesaler programs.

Success Rate: Communications posted to the portal on a daily basis, reaching 34,984 pharmacies. Communications include messages and downloadable files (such as PBM’s). Message creators include wholesaler, wholesaler groups, and manufacturers. The site also includes dedicated pages to wholesaler groups, allowing for easier access/navigation to program specific information for pharmacies. Over 108 manufacturers have utilized the platform to communicate directly to pharmacies.

Key Features
  • Communications featured in multiple locations on the portal
  • Unique content pages built for specific wholesaler business units and business programs
  • Custom forms for coupons, surveys and other pharmacy/product specific outreach
  • Interface and integration with other wholesaler systems
  • Custom welcome centers and content for specific pharmacy, wholesaler and manufacturer users